Colored in Flour™ is a baking blog that specializes in DIY Baking Crafts and content creation services specifically for gluten free brands. Our specialty? Creative color scheming. 

Our Motto?

Make it


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Small Strokes


"Ariel is a miracle worker!  Multifaceted and extremely talented, she is an expert baker, amazing photographer, and master of color.  I never thought we would find someone who could do all that she does; not only does she make our products look beautiful, but she devises creative and innovative ways to utilize our products, develops recipes, bakes them flawlessly, and photographs everything with a keen eye for style and color true to our brand.  The "icing on the cake" is that her mission is completely in line with ours; to make gluten-free baking fun and accessible for all!  She even goes the extra mile to find all-natural ways to create pops of color in our baked goods, to honor our company's commitment to all natural food dyes.  You would be hard pressed to find someone else with this set of skills!"

Jill Donaldson, Founder of Lilly Bean by Pastry Base

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