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Hey everyone! I'm Ariel and welcome to my world of colorful gluten free baking and cake decorating! I am ultimately bringing a colorful,  fun, and positive perspective to the world of gluten free baking because once upon a time I saw it as a need in my own life. Everyone has a story they come with, and I am doing ALL of this for a very meaningful purpose.  

It is because of my Celiac Disease that I had to give my entire life's dedication to being gluten free and literally make it my life. I mean, try dedicating yourself to something without a choice. Seriously? WHAT kind of life is that? So when life handed me a basket of rotten lemons (Celiac), I found a way to make lemonade out of them and I created Colored in Flour

My hope is to inspire everyone reading to realize this: If you are living with anything that tries to take the positive energy from your life, color has the power to brighten your perspective. I want to show anyone dealing with health issues like myself that you still can have fun and enjoy your life... That yes, you can have your cake and enjoy it too! I found a way to make that happen for myself and that is what I am here to share with the world.  Ultimately, I do not let my Celiac define me- and that is why I'm giving my image personality, so you get to know me as a person INSTEAD of getting to know me only as a person with Celiac.

I would love to have you follow along on this journey with me. Either way, your perspective on the world of gluten free baking is about to change forever. We're here to have fun and get creative and if you follow my Instagram, @coloredinflour, you'll get to see what I create along the way as exclusives!! I also have a lot of exciting surprises to come along this journey I'm on, so stay tuned!


Get ready to be Colored in Flour!