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Here at Colored in Flour™, baking and content creation services for gluten free brands is what we do best! We work with everything from food to cosmetics and more and we love what we do! If you are interested in content creation services for your brand, please submit the Contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!






Written Blog Post Creation

A fun package option where we collaborate together to write a blog post and feature it on social media! Package includes:

1 x Written Blog Post 

1x Pinterest Promotion 

Recipe from Scratch


Exactly as it sounds. The Founder of Colored in Flour™ is an experienced pastry cook who has been hired in the past at Michelin-star restaurants based on her proven ability to create a unique baked good from scratch and professionally present it to the Executive Pastry Chef. With that said, if you are a gluten free flour brand, baking ingredients supplier, or the related, we're already a perfect match!

Branded Content Photography

This package includes professional photos of your brand's products and caters solely to your brand's image. Does not include a collaboration or written blog post with a baked good. 

Total Social Media Design/Upgrade

If you are looking to upgrade your social media channels and let someone else re-design your feed entirely to make it stand out, this would be the perfect package for your brand. Because each brand is unique, this package requires a consultation catered to the specific needs and requests of your brand. 

Customizable Package

Each brand has a unique image and desired color scheming. If you do not see a package you are looking for here in this list, and are looking for a customized packaging option for your brand, please reach out to us on our Contact page and we will work with you to create the right package in accordance to your brand's needs.

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