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Gluten Free Orange Dream Candy Coated Ice Pops

Updated: Jan 21

I love Summer... Every day is a perfect day to go to the beach or relax by a pool and enjoy some sweet ice pops! #TheLife

This recipe is for anyone that is a fan of the combination of oranges and cream! This is such a simple and fun recipe to make and the best part about this recipe is the very last step: decorating the ice pops in colorful chocolate and candy! The decorations are what makes your ice pops more eye-catching and tasty!

What color below draws your attention the most?

For me, I'm always drawn to pink and I think the combination of orange and pink is so summery and lovely!

Make these ice pops as colorful as your heart desires!


💕🌈Color on Forever and Always,


*Disclaimer: May cause tastebud happiness! Additionally, my opinions are my own, of course!