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Gluten Free Play Dough Pâtisserie

Updated: Jan 21

I loved playing with Play-Dough when I was a little girl but little did I know that it's main ingredient was and is still WHEAT. Even though the dough is not consumable, little kids are either likely to put their hands in their mouths after handling the dough or go to eat after handling it which is how it can become easily ingested. This is ultimately why it would be a concern to anyone who has children with a wheat allergy or those with a condition that I have myself called Celiac Disease. The recipe in this post, however, is an entirely fun and colorful Gluten Free Play Dough recipe. Again, not to be ingested or eaten, but at least you know that it does not contain any wheat ingredients whatsoever. This is so your children (or you and both you and your children!) can play with the dough safely.

To make all of these creations like I did below, you'll be interested to learn that I actually purchased two different Play Doh Kitchen Creations Sets called Delightful Donuts as well as the Spinning Treats Mixer in order to create these lovely little play desserts. I saw these items and thought- Wow! These are so adorable! You see, I have always been a huge fan of Play-Doh, but not being able to touch the dough meant that I had to come up with a fun way to make these little desserts so that I could handle the dough and have fun at the same time! Being a dessert lover as well, I knew I had to make something work and I totally enjoyed making these fun little gluten free play dough treats using these absolutely adorable sets. This is the part where I advocate for all children including those with wheat allergies, Celiac Disease, and other conditions affected by gluten who want to play with Play Dough but can't and should be able to create the same beautiful little play treats as seen in the regular sets: Having FUN should be for EVERYONE to enjoy! So, I figured out a way to make that happen!

Step 1: Buy the sets

Step 2: Donate the dough that comes with the set

Step 3: Make homemade gluten free Play Dough

Step 4: Have FUN!

Of course before buying the sets, I made sure they were brand new and never played with as that would be a form of cross-contamination. What I decided to do with the actual dough itself that came within the sets I purchased was donate them as I could not touch the dough. After that, I proceeded to make my own dough with gluten free ingredients. Again, I then used these sets to create these gluten free play desserts. There's a lot more pieces that comes within the boxes, but these are just a few pieces that came with the sets I purchased that I wanted to show so you get to see how I made these little treats come to life:


With that said, here is how you can make that happen, while still getting to play with the regular sets, except in this case, all gluten free and homemade.

Enjoy and have fun!




"Lemon Lavender":

"Orange Cream":

"Sour Green Apple and Blueberry":


"Strawberry Milkshake":

"Rainbow Sherbet":

"Grape Soda and Bubblegum":

"Lemon Blueberry":


"Rainbow Tie Dye":


"Unicorn Swirl":

"Chocolate Cookie with Colorful Sprinkles":


"Blueberry with Sprinkles":

"Colorful Swirl":

"Pink Jelly Donut with Sprinkles":


Let me just say that I had a BLAST making these little play treats and I am hoping you or both you and your little one(s) will do the same if your your little ones need to be gluten free as well and want to have fun too! Again, all you need are the Spinning Treats Set and the Delightful Donuts Set by Play-Doh.



*Disclaimer: Not for eating! Additionally, my opinions are my own, of course! I am not affiliated with any of the brand names mentioned in this post! This is simply for fun!