Gluten Free Rainbow Balloon Cookies

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I am starting off today's post with some very thoughtful Winnie the Pooh quotes about balloons because there are quite a few that really stand out to me and make me think, think, think. I can remember the first time I heard him say these quotes, and how it just makes me giggle and smile every time I read them:

"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon."

"It's hard to be brought down when you have a balloon."

"I know I don't need one, but I would like one very, very much."

I created this post to bring out the cheeriness in everyone and to remind you that it is truly the smaller things in life that add up together and make up one big meaningful life purpose. It is way too often that we overlook the smaller things in life such as the little coincidences that happen to us as we go along on our own unique journey. We can learn a lot from Pooh, the bear of wisdom, and either decide to look at the smaller things in life, such as balloons, as a colorful ball of rubber that floats with air, or we can choose to see the bigger purpose in the creation of their existence and what they do best - bring joy and happiness to someone's day.

Speaking of bringing joy and happiness to someone's day, I think these balloon cookies are going to make your day because they are DELICIOUS! With that said, we'll go ahead and get right to the instructions.

To make these, you will need:

🎈A box of your favorite sugar cookie mix (I used Sunflour Mills Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix) plus additional ingredients needed to make the cookies as instructed on packaging

🎈Electric mixer or handheld mixer with whisk attachments plus large mixing bowl

🎈Cookie baking sheet tray

🎈Parchment paper

🎈Balloon-Shaped Cookie Cutter

🎈Meringue powder (to make royal icing, which will have provided instructions on the packaging), plus confectioners sugar and water

🎈Pastry piping bags

🎈Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink gel food colors

🎈Small mixing bowls for each color

🎈Cake pop sticks (for decoration and fun- it's not necessary)

🎈Luster dust and clear vanilla or almond extract, to give the balloons a pearlized sheen (if desired)

🎈Food safe paint brush (only if painting luster dust onto the cookies)

Tips for Baking:

🖍️When rolling out your cookie dough, be sure to lightly flour your surface so the dough is easier to pick up after they are cut into balloon shapes.

🖍️Since the ingredients in the baking mix contains leavening agents, the cookies will rise as they bake, so be sure to roll out your dough very thin.*

*The thinner your cookies are rolled out to, the less time they will need to bake because there will be less dough in the cookies, which also means they are going to be quicker to brown around the edges- see next tip.

🖍️You do not want brown cookies. To prevent this, I baked my cookies at 325 at around 8-9 minutes (which is slightly less than the instructed time on the box) and kept an eye on them as they baked. Again, this is determined by how thin you roll your dough to.

🖍️ The flatter the surface of the cookie, the better they are for decorating after they are baked!

Tips for Decorating:

🎨After your cookies are baked and cooled, make your royal icing.

🎨Place royal icing into pastry piping bags and cut a tiny amount off the tip of your bags.

🎨Do not leave royal icing out in your mixer. It will dry out and harden in the bowl. After royal icing is made, immediately store it in a food-safe airtight container after you have what you need for decorating.

🎨If you want deeper saturated colors, add more food coloring. Just know that a tiny drop of color goes a long way!


STEP 1: Make your cookie dough according to package instructions. Roll out the dough to 1/8" thin and cut into balloon shapes with balloon-shaped cookie cutter. Place into oven and bake at 325 for 8-9 minutes or until a very light golden brown. This is what your cookie dough will look like:

You'll want to find a balloon cookie cutter like the one you see below (which can be purchased online). Also, as you can see below, the dough is rolled very thin so it rises to the perfect shape when it is done baking!

After your cookies have cooled completely, you'll want to make your royal icing with your meringue powder. The instructions are very simple to make royal icing with meringue powder, as it typically consists of adding confectioners sugar and water (refer to "supplies" and "decorating tips" above for tips on storing royal icing!)

STEP 2: After you have made your royal icing and mixed the colors into each of their own small mixing bowls, place the royal icing into their own bag and pipe going around the cookie to outline the shape of the balloon first:

STEP 3: Continue piping the rest of the royal icing onto the cookies until you have filled the entire shape of the balloon:

STEP 4: Allow the royal icing to dry completely. Once dry, pipe a tiny amount of white royal icing onto the upper left hand side of the cookies as seen below:

If desired, paint the balloons with luster dust by mixing a small amount of vanilla extract (clear vanilla or almond extract works best) with the luster dust. Paint onto the cookies with food-safe brush (Wilton makes them, for instance, which is what I use!)

STEP 5: Decorate and have fun! You can attach cake pop sticks at this point either to the back of the balloon cookies with a little bit of royal icing (and leave them to dry on the backs, being cautious as you go to pick them up!) Or you can go ahead and enjoy them once you are finished decorating! 🎉

I hope these cookies brings as much joy to you and your day, just as much as it did for me and my day!


💖🎉Color of Forever and Always,



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