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Gluten Free Watermelon Candy Macarons

There is nostalgia for me in this recipe, not so much for the macarons itself, but for the flavors and tastes within this recipe.

Growing up, I looked forward to Summer every year because I looked forward to enjoying watermelon. I remember I would look for anything watermelon flavored in the stores whether it was candy, ice cream, or something else sweet because it was so delicious to me! Even to this day, I'm a huge fan of seasonal flavors. Who else loves watermelon flavored candy and ice cream?

The nostalgia within this recipe is that the flavors remind me particularly of watermelon taffy and watermelon sherbet I enjoyed while growing up. As an adult, I still look forward to Summer and I still love these flavors!

Watermelon and macaron lovers alike, if you love the taste of watermelon flavored candy, you will love this recipe! It might even bring you to your nostalgic feels as well.




*Disclaimer: May cause tastebud happiness! Additionally, my opinions are my own, of course!