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Gluten Free Lemon Macaron Lollipops

Updated: Jul 20

Talk about nostalgia in a baking recipe? This is it! These are A LOT of fun to make and I think you will also have a lot of fun making these as well. They are SO adorable and delicious!

All you need are lollipop sticks, edible flowers, fondant, and the macaron recipe (which you can find below!)

For the traditionalist, create a simple lollipop swirl with fondant. For the color enthusiast, create a rainbow swirl with a bunch of different colors (I am a little bit of both a traditionalist as well as color enthusiast!) Either way, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun while baking!

Fun Fact: I originally created Colored in Flour with the intention of portraying a more traditionalist way of baking where my inspiration was originally going to be based on classic, pastel colors and flowers (you might have noticed my original logo had flowers in it!) I decided I wanted to have a little more fun though as I progressed, so I decided to show you the color enthusiast side of my personality! Baking is supposed to be fun and enjoyable so I decided to turn baking into an arts and crafts level to portray a more fun side to gluten free baking!

Either way, if you are a traditionalist or a color enthusiast, you can create and decorate these Macaron Lollipops however you'd like! After all, dessert is for everyone to enjoy!

Here at Colored in Flour, I encourage you to play with your food. No matter what age you are! Baking is supposed to be fun after all!

And I say: the more playful and colorful... the better!




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