Gluten Free Rainbow Cupcake Cookies

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If you are looking for a cookie decorating activity to satisfy all of your rainbow cravings that will simultaneously taste as delicious as it looks, this is the perfect baking craft for you!

Now, this is a more intricate design that will take you some time to prepare and pipe each color onto the cookie, BUT! You are going to be amazed with the final result. In fact, you are going to be SO amazed that you are probably not even going to want to eat these cookies afterwards because you'll have realized how hard you worked and how beautiful they look! 🌈

I've photographed below step by step how to decorate these cookies. Prior to making these, you are going to need the following:


🍪1 box of gluten free sugar cookie mix (I recommend Sun Flour Mills brand- because this baking mix produces a very high quality sugar cookie result) as well as additional ingredients necessary to bake the cookies as instructed on the box


🍪Electric mixer or handheld mixer with attachments and mixing bowl

🍪Rolling pin

🍪Cupcake Cookie Cutter (can be purchased online)

🍪Eight Pastry Piping Bags for each color (can be purchased online as well)

🍪Gluten Free Meringue Powder (can also be purchased online- and any additional ingredients necessary to make the royal icing with to frost the cookies- i.e. confectioner's sugar and water)

🍪Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Purple Gel Food Colors of your choice*

*There are a wide variety of brands that carry gluten free gel food coloring- feel free to use natural food coloring as well as it tends to work best with coloring frosting- just make sure it is gluten free. Also, be mindful that natural food colors will vary and are likely to add flavor from the natural food source they are made from. I prefer gel colors, however, both will produce beautiful results.

🍪Seven small bowls for mixing colors into royal icing

🍪Sprinkles of your choice (for the cupcake topper, I used colorful Sixlets- has them, for instance)

🍪Colorful Fondant (Satin Ice is gluten free!)

🍪Mini Star shaped fondant cutters

🍪Gluten free edible glitter (if desired)

Tips for Baking:

🖍️When rolling out your cookie dough, be sure to lightly flour your surface so the dough is easier to pick up after they are cut into shapes.

🖍️Since the ingredients in the baking mix contains leavening agents, the cookies will rise as they bake, so be sure to roll out your dough very thin.*

*The thinner your cookies are rolled out to, the less time they will need to bake because there will be less dough in the cookies, which also means they are going to be quicker to brown around the edges- see next tip.

🖍️You do not want brown cookies. To prevent this, I baked my cookies at 325 at around 8-9 minutes (which is slightly less than the instructed time on the box) and kept an eye on them as they baked. Again, this is determined by how thin you roll your dough to.

🖍️ The flatter the surface of the cookie, the better they are for decorating after they are baked!

Tips for Decorating:

🎨After your cookies are baked and cooled, make your royal icing.

🎨Place royal icing into pastry piping bags and cut a tiny amount off the tip of your bags.

🎨Do not leave royal icing out in your mixer. It will dry out and harden in the bowl. After royal icing is made, immediately store it in a food-safe airtight container after you have what you need for decorating*.

*First, you will start with white royal icing for the frosting on the cupcake cookies as pictured below. After you have completed Step 1, separate small amounts of royal icing into seven different bowls and add food coloring to each, starting with a small amount of color.

🎨If you want deeper saturated colors, add more food coloring. Just know that a tiny drop goes a long way!


Step 1: First, start by piping white royal icing (or your desired color) into a shaped pattern similar to the direction of the piping below. This is for the "frosting" on the cupcake.

Allow icing to dry and harden onto your cookies completely before proceeding to the next step. If desired, add a little Sixlet sprinkle to the top of your cupcake cookie while the royal icing is drying. Repeat for all cookies.

Step 2: Frost the middle part of "frosting" with your desired royal icing color. Add little sprinkles to your cupcake. Repeat for all cookies.

Step 3: In a small bowl, mix a tiny amount of pink food coloring to your royal icing. Place into pastry piping bag and cut a tiny tip off the end. Pipe the first color onto the cupcake as seen below. Repeat for all cookies!

Step 4: Repeat with Orange.

Step 5: Repeat with Yellow.

Step 6: Repeat with Green.

Step 7: Repeat with Blue.

Step 8: Repeat with Turquoise.

Step 9: Repeat with Purple.

Step 10: Repeat with Pink again (if you have room left over).

Once cookies are decorated, allow to dry completely. While they are drying, feel free to add any last minute decorations to your food art such as colorful fondant stars or edible glitter!

Serve and enjoy.


Color on Forever and Always,


*Disclaimer: The above content including photos are copyright owned by Colored in Flour, LLC. When using this step by step guide and posting re-creations to your social media, please credit. In addition, any other opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored post, as I am not affiliated with any of the brand names mentioned above, unless specified.


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