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Gluten Free Rose Water Gelée with Creamy Vanilla Panna Cotta

Updated: Feb 6

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because there are literally so many colorful pastel dessert recipes you can create based on the theme of the season alone.

To make this recipe, you will need a set of four glasses that are large enough to fill the recipe with. The glasses that I used below are 12 oz. glasses that have a beautiful pink tint around the outer edges of the glass as well as a golden rim on the top.

Next, make your Rose Water Gelée. After you have made the gelée mixture, you will then evenly distribute the total amount of liquid to each glass. Add edible flowers, if desired.

Allow to set in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours. The longer the refrigeration time, the better.

Make your Creamy Vanilla Panna Cotta base and carefully add to the glass on top of the Rose Water Gelée...

And place into the refrigerator again, allowing to set for another 2-4 hours.

When the gelée is made inside a silicone mold, it will present like the appearance of a Raindrop Cake. Perfection.

Either way you want to prepare this recipe, the presentation of the dessert is just as beautiful inside a glass as it is in a silicone mold. If you love roses, panna cotta, and the color pink, you will love this recipe. It truly makes a beautiful Spring dessert to delight in.



*Disclaimer: May cause tastebud happiness! Additionally, my opinions are my own, of course! I am not affiliated with the brand names mentioned in this post.