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The Most Colorful Experience You'll Ever Have at...The Color Factory NYC

Updated: Jan 21

This is the most fun I've had in years! OMG!

If you want a truly colorful experience, you must go visit The Color Factory on 251 Spring St. in NYC while it is there. It's a unique and wonderful experience for people of all ages and I believe they will be open until late August or September of 2019. I know I will definitely be back because this experience was incredibly sweet.

Each and every room is based on a theme of color and has different activities for every single room. I went to visit with my sister (who I give the photo credits to for this post!) We had so much fun together. For instance, there is one activity room within the factory where you are asked to sit across from one another in separate rooms looking at each other through a glass wall while you are guided through headphones to draw one another using colored pencils without looking down at your paper. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Check it out below!

This was my sister's drawing of me:

This was my drawing of my sister:

As adults, we had a GREAT bonding sister laugh over this and I'll never forget it!

I mean just look at how vibrant and beautiful each room is:

SO bright and colorful!

At The Color Factory there is a room with different colored walls with buttons on them where you are told to go to a specific color that draws you in the most. I chose hot pink because it's my favorite color. Any shade of pink is, really.


After that, there is a room with a white wall that has these little sliding doors that come out of the wall as you can see below. Each door has a name of colors on them that you've probably never even heard of before, like Heliotrope. I have never heard of any of these colors I saw...

So, each door corresponds to the button you chose on the color wall in the room prior. Since I chose hot pink, mine was letter "H" as seen in the picture.

Here's Heliotrope:

And an explanation about what that term means:

This color choice couldn't have been more perfect or fitting for me because it's about flowers and dessert! How ironic is that? That's what Colored in Flour is all about! Apparently I also picked an immensely fashionable color that was popular during the 1880s. I wish I could go back in time and see how the people of the 1880s strutted hot pink! I think that would be really fascinating.

Another really cool room consisted of a game of follow the questions where the objective was to lead you to a color that suited you based on how you answered those questions. The game consisted of a walking maze with guided questions imprinted on the floor. Some of the questions consisted of "Do you prefer Spring or Autumn?" (if Spring, go to the left and if Autumn, go right) and "Do you prefer Prince's Pink Cashmere or Purple Rain?" and "Are your fears rational, irrational, or a mix of both?" and so on and so forth. My answers led me to the red room:

The alternative name for red they chose for me is a term they phrased as "Abstract Pizza". Although I'm not sure what Abstract Pizza is or looks like, I love pizza, so it works for me!

After the red room, we went to the final room which was my favorite part of this experience...


That ball bath was the most FUN I've had in years! As an adult, if you are looking for an excuse to be a kid again, this is the most adult therapeutic way to have that experience again! As nostalgic as this was for me, I will definitely be back to The Color Factory and maybe next time look at things in a whole new colorful perspective way by perhaps choosing a yellow button on the color wall or by answering questions that are opposite my personality to try and gain the perspective of walking in another person's shoes and see what color it lands me!



Disclaimer: This not a sponsored post. Additionally, my opinions are my own, of course!

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