What if you could taste color? What is your favorite color that you would want to taste? Is it the calming shade of blue to remind you of blueberries? The soft sweetness of pink to remind you of cotton candy? Or perhaps a bold and daring red to remind you of cherries, chocolate, and wine? Whatever color it may be, this is a fun mini cupcake recipe e-book that consists of all of your favorite colors in one. Written with the intention of simplicity, there are a total of 10 cupcake recipes that are each based on a theme of natural color. Though mini in size, this e-book was written with much love and passion and heart, and it is sure to become one of your new favorite e-books you'll want to have on hand. 


Each flavor within this book is associated with a single color. Additionally, each colorful recipe is unique to its own from the next. Whether you're gluten free or not, you will find just how much fun these cupcakes are to bake, eat, and enjoy often as they are sure to become some of your new favorite classic recipes. 




Naturally Colorful Gluten Free Cupcakes


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