#RealPersonwithCeliac Social Media Campaign

For anyone as passionate as I am about seeing a better and improved world for those who suffer from medical conditions affected by our food system, I am starting a social media campaign to spread awareness. To help spread the word and participate, simply upload a pic or selfie to social media @ColoredinFlour with the hashtag #realpersonwithceliac along with #cureceliac and a brief story about when you were diagnosed, and if not Celiac, why you need to be gluten-free. We can all support one another living with real and very related conditions such as these! It is my hope that we can all make an impact because your voice and your health matters!

Here is my example from Instagram:

I'm Ariel and I have Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed in my late teens over 12 years ago and have been gluten-free ever since. It has been quite a struggle living with a disease that is not so forgiving and very misunderstood. But with the right kind of support, compassion, and the ability to look outside of the box, we can all be the reason why a cure is found! I am a real person with a very real condition and I am a real person with Celiac Disease! @coloredinflour #coloredinflour #realpersonwithceliac #cureceliac #celiacdisease 

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