What is Celiac Disease, Really?

Your Questions Answered by the Director of Clinical Research at The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Hospital in New York City

*Please note: This interview took place several years back when I was building my blog, and I no longer feature articles on traveling as I mention in this interview. However, everything else within this interview about Celiac Disease remains just as relevant today. 

The intent of this interview is to educate the world about Celiac Disease through an exclusive interview with one of the top medical professionals in the world who specializes specifically in Celiac Disease. Dr. Lebwohl is the Director of Clinical Research at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Hospital in New York City, which is a dedicated medical center in America available specifically for those with gluten-related disorders.


Columbia treats patients who have the disease and provides excellent nutritionist care by helping patients manage the gluten free diet. This is a center that CARES about this disease- they are never going to undermine your health struggles nor push Celiac Disease under the bus. If you think you may have the disease or know someone who may have it, please reach out to the Center and you will receive an informational packet about the disease as well as information about properly managing the gluten free diet.


I encourage all people to listen to this interview because you are probably not as well-informed as you should be about Celiac Disease, and that’s okay. But, it’s also reality. If you have a cause that you believe in, I hope I can inspire you today to fight for that cause because the world deserves to be a better place for everyone to live in. The interview is to clear any misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations about Celiac Disease as well as to answer some extremely important questions that millions of people may have. So, if you have Celiac Disease, know someone who has the disease, or even have a medical condition that is directly related to gluten, you are about to listen to the right interview.

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*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of The Celiac Disease Center or any of the names mentioned in this interview. The intent is to educate and inform.  No part of this interview may be copied, reproduced, stored, or transmitted without written consent and approval.


To follow along with the interview by reading while listening, click the "Read More" link below.

*Sources: https://gluten.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/170209_BeerStudy.pdf

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